Reasons Many Ladies End Up Marrying The Wrong Man

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    So its not about the single ladies alone but married ladies are also included because most married ladies you see today are not happily married, some are suffering and smiling, some are enduring because of their kids and because of what people will say, some are still married for the goodies they are getting from their supposed husband, but deep down their hearts, they are not happy; they wished they married someone better and I tell you, at one point in their life they met wonderful guy(s) who would have made them so proud and happy but some of the reasons I am about to share made them lose those great guys.

    I am not writing this to abuse ladies but to help guide the younger ones who still have the opportunity to make amendment, remember, I have nothing to lose now because I am a guy, guyman and by the grace of God I am doing well for myself and will marry any day I make up my mind that its time, so I am not searching and I am not bashing, just correcting based on my little versed experiences with different class of ladies in the course of my little years on earth wink


    So gather here and learn and also feel free to air your view.

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