Please help me, How can I satisfy my Girlfriend/Side Chick in Bed

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    I guess, you already know that satisfaction in daily life is primary and satisfaction in bed comes later. How to sexually satisfy a female depends little on female. However I will try to give general answer with my personal perspective.
    Basic idea is to do whatever but only those acts to which see is agree. You may convince her but don’t pressurize or force her for anything. If you pressurize, you may be satisfied that day but later each of you will regret.
    Then do whatever is required to reaching her orgasm aparte from u urself reaching the height of satisfaction. Sometimes girls may not reach orgasm through sex. It’s possible with every couple including me, because of so many reasons. Try to help her to reach it through masturbation.
    First create or try to be in cool, relaxed situation in terms of time, energy, helath and mood everything. A sex is not good if u r in hurry, or fear of someone catching u. If she is new to it, u have to care extra about her likes or dislikes. It’s better to be in a.c or good fan to avoid excess sweating which may cause irritation on mind and skin. Do everything in front of big mirrors to enjoy extra.
    Don’t simply jump to bed and start fucking her vagina. Let her develop interest. Mostly girls take more time in foreplay and initial acts, even if c is used to in sex, like me. Try to stimulate her by gently touching kissing on necks, lips, cleavage, breast, waist etc.
    If c or u hv no pre-decided choice, start with missionary style on bed. Start with low speed and depth of penis. Gradually raise speed and depth as soon as c shows interest.
    Change positions like doggy or table top style. Play soft porn for extra advantage. If c looses interest or energy in between, energize her by kissing her boobs, nipples, area around vagina or gently rub her nipples or pubic hairs.
    If u r about to eject, try to control for a minute by slowing down. You may eject in short time if u fuck very hard. But mostly girls, including me, like to get vagina fucked hard to full depth in good speed. Legs should be wide open to reach full depth. In between play and rotate her boobs.
    Girls, new to sex, don’t have idea or practice of cowgirl or woman on top style. But it becomes their favorite style after sometime. It’s best position for boy to relax in between while fuck work is continue. It’s easiest position for girl yo reach orgasm. While c is jumping on your penis or gripping penis by tightening vagina around penis, keep playing with her boobs, best use oil to massage her boobs.
    After ejection relax and help her orgasm if c is still waiting. Keep looking and smiling at each other. When over, relax on bed holding her boobs gently. If mood turns again on, u may start second round of sex.

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