I need help o, I dont know what sign to watch for when my woman is having Orgasm

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    Every woman is different, but here are some indicators that a woman is having or has had an orgasm:
    Now, perhaps just as useful to know are these things that she probably CANNOT do for 5–15 minutes after a REALLY good & proper orgasm (some women “recover” faster than others):
    NOTE: Many women can have multiple orgasms if you take the time to continue stimulating them. Give them a bit if time in between to “catch their breath” and “regroup,” while slowly touching their vaginal area with either your penis or your fingers. Let her guide you as to when she’s “ready” to go again. If you’re not able to “rise to the occasion,” (MOST men cannot get it up again for awhile, if at all, so don’t feel bad if you can’t) just use your finger(s)/hand/sex toy to get her off.
    With a lot of patience, persistence, and PRACTICE, any man can help a woman achieve an orgasm whenever she wants one (or more).
    ALSO, a woman may not WANT or “feel like” having an orgasm every time she makes love. It’s best not to pressure her into feeling like she MUST or SHOULD orgasm every time. Every now & then, a woman just wants to lay back, relax, and enjoy the ride!
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    Her face contorts in strange & unusual ways (such as eyes wide open, mouth wide open, etc.)
    She can’t keep herself quiet (moans, squeals, and/or screams, etc.)
    Her back arches, her legs spasm, she kicks, scratches, or bites down
    She’s out of breath and/or hyperventilates
    She curses and/or exclaims things such as “oh s#it!” “F#ck!” “Oh my G-d!” or “YES! YES! YES!”
    Her eyes look glazed over & she seems to be “high” (afterwards)
    Once she can eventually speak, she says she her arms and legs feel tingly/numb and/or she feels light-headed or like she’s floating (afterwards)
    You can feel her vaginal muscles contract/spasm (rarely & only some women)
    You can see/feel her “squirt” vaginal liquid (rarely & only some women)
    She accidentally pees herself just a little tiny bit (happens quite often due to excitement and vaginal contraction; sometimes men see/feel this and mistake it for cum)
    Formulate sentences. She shouldn’t be saying anything too complicated or well thought out (just an occasional “wow” or “oh my!” for several minutes … best case scenario, she can’t speak at all initially! If she immediately rolls over and starts discussing politics, she’s not even in the same COUNTRY as an orgasm.)
    Move her body. She shouldn’t be able to move her arms & legs or even roll over.q

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