How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

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    Technology has made having a long-distance relationship easier than ever. Thanks to instant messaging, texts, and video chats, you can be in a committed relationship with someone from the other side of the world.

    But just because technology has made it convenient to communicate with your spouse doesn’t mean being in an LDR is easy.

    Communication, staying honest, and even marriage courses can deeply help couples who are in long distance relationships. Here are 7 tips for sustaining your relationship with your partner when you’re separated by distance.

    1. Don’t Rule Out Intimacy

    Studies show that sexual intimacy triggers the release of the oxytocin hormone, which is responsible for bonding between couples. It can also elevate your mood, relieve stress and boost your health.

    Even though you may not be able to be in person for your exchange of intimacy, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a sexual relationship with your partner in an LDR.

    Take advantage of technology to enhance intimate moments with your partner. For example, why not send a naughty photo?

    Remember that you do not have to show your face or send a nude in order to achieve sexual intimacy through photos. Sending a photo of naughty toys you plan to use, you biting your lip seductively, or a shot of lingerie laying across the bedsheets can be just as effective as sending a photo of you without your clothes on — and it’s a lot less risky.

    Video programs can also make it easy to share intimate moments.

    For those who aren’t crazy about the idea of potentially putting their private moment on the internet, there’s always phone sex!

    2. See Each Other in Person Whenever Possible

    Long distance works well for many couples, but others find that they are still missing that spark that comes from being together in person. This is why it is so important for couples to meet up in real life whenever possible.

    Plane tickets may be expensive or you may live in different time zones, but it’s important to put the effort into seeing each other in person at least a couple times a year. This will help keep your relationship strong and healthy.

    3. Talk Frequently

    And we don’t just mean text each other a lot.

    Any marriage course will tell you that communication is essential for a successful relationship, and long-distance is no exception. Couples strengthen their bond when they learn how to communicate effectively with one another.

    In traditional relationships, much of your connection to your spouse is nonverbal. Sure, you talk daily, laugh, and work out your problems together, but you also spend an extraordinary amount of time not talking. You cuddle, hold hands, and watch television on a regular basis.

    Studies show that physical affection such as hugging, spooning, or kissing has been strongly related to partner satisfaction.

    Without these essential bond-building touches, you and your spouse will have to have a solid communication game in order to strengthen your relationship.

    4. Use Tech to Your Advantage

    Date nights and sexy meetings online are fantastic for keeping your relationship healthy and strong but don’t forget to include your spouse in the mundane aspects of your life, too.

    Many couples invite friends over and use a video app to include their spouse in the get-together. Others will stay on the phone or video chat while watching the same television show or movie on Netflix. Video chat is also great for sitting down and having your morning cup of coffee together.

    Look for ways to include your spouse in your everyday routine.

    5. Make LDR Date Nights

    Just because you’re in a long-distance relationship doesn’t mean you can’t have a date night. In fact, you should endeavor to do so regularly.

    For example, why not plan to make dinner together?

    Choose the same recipe and video chat while you chop the ingredients and put the meal together. Then, “sit down together” and eat the meal you’ve made on chat. This is a great way to simulate going out on a date at a restaurant.

    Studies show that doing so often helps couples stay together longer by boosting their communication skills and heightening passionate love.

    6. Continue to Build Trust

    Being in a relationship where you don’t know what your partner’s up to on a daily basis can be nerve-wracking for some.

    After all, it’s much easier to do things your partner wouldn’t approve of when they’re not around. That’s why it’s so important to build trust and respect for one another.

    One great way to build trust is by taking marriage courses online. Even if you aren’t ready to tie the knot with your spouse yet, marriage courses will help you both learn how to be better partners to one another.

    Often, marriage courses will help couples with communication, problem-solving, and can even help those in LDRs learn how to manage the distance.

    7. Set an End Date

    Those who are in a long-distance relationship will need to work consistently at maintaining the quality of their relationship, especially since they don’t have the same level of physical intimacy to fall back on.

    It’s important for couples to set rules and boundaries about what is and isn’t acceptable in their relationship. Do you want the same things?

    When your relationship starts to get serious, it’s good to have an endgame in mind. For example, how long will you let your relationship go on for if you can’t be together in person? If you both agree it would be in the best interest of your connection for one of you to move closer, who will be the one to make that sacrifice?

    These are good questions to know the answers to before you get in too deep with someone who you may never be with in person.

    Taking a marriage course can help couples plan for the future, especially in long distance relationships. You can maintain a healthy LDR relationship by practicing open communication, building trust, and making date nights a reality. Just because you’re far away doesn’t mean you and your spouse can’t still be close together


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