How can I satisfy a man sexually?

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    These are my gf’s tactics to satisfy me.
    1.Allowing him to fuck you when he needs you.Comfort him after a hectic day.Give your body to release his stress.
    2.Dont tease his size or the way he smells.Let him be what he is.
    3. Be passionate.
    4.Talk dirty in a husky voice and make him horny.Tell how badly you want to get fucked.
    5.Let him dominate you.Submit your body for him.Woman are narurally made to be receiving thrusts by a male. let him do what he wants be submissive
    6. hold his body tightly and scratch ur nails.Wrap your legs around his waists.
    7.Keep your legs n hands widespread.
    8.keep your arms spread on both sides above your head level as he pounds you.
    9.You can talk dirty but once he starts ponding harder stop talking and moan in a feminine voice as if you are in pain n pleasure.
    10.Moan corresponding to his thrusts n make him feel you are in pain but unable to stop.
    11.Act as if you are vulnerable n fragile

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