3 Good Reasons Everyone Should Be Making Money On Upwork

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    1. It’s a perfect work from home platform.

    I’ve seen people who bought cars from their Upwork earnings working from the comfort of their homes, in their boxers, on the comfort of their beds.

    I don’t need to work for anyone. My earnings will cripple what some government workers make.

    Plus, it gives me time to serve God. I can go for any service I want at any time I want to knowing that I can come back to work early in the morning

    2. You deal with Americans or foreigners who at least know the value of your skill.

    When I deal with foreign clients, I charge between 5 to $10 for 500 words (that’s like ₦3600 for 500 words) but in Naija, some clients can price you for ₦500 for 1000 words. hehe

    The best part of it is, you earn in dollars and this has a higher return when you convert it to naira.

    3. Jobs are constant and consistent on Upwork

    Every ten seconds a job is uploaded on upwork.

    Lots and lots of jobs are availble for the freelancer to bid for.

    You are only hindered by how good you are or not in sending proposals and getting jobs.

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