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The Misconception About Igbo Bride Prices

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I want to create this post in order to disabuse the minds of nairalanders on the misconceptions about much-talked about igbo bride prices.
Contrary to the belief that igbo bride prices run into millions, the bride prices are usually a token. In my hometown in Arondizuogu, Imo State, it is about N200.

The misconception arises from the list given to family of the intending groom. That list is far different from the bride price.
Different people in igboland give different lists in igboland for the different groups in the village they come to marry - the daughters of the family (my 2 year old children get their shares in my place), the women, the youths and the elders. And there are options. You either bring the items or bring the money. Example, u can go to a community and they ask you to bring 10 big yams, another can ask for 20 kegs of palm wine, others can ask for coconut. And youths in my place must ask for a roll of cigarettes, benson or rothmas. And the groom has an option, either to buy them and bring according to specifications or just drop money.

Buying the items usually bring problem. U can buy 10 big yams, and they tell u that it is only 2 that are big, you have to pay for the other 8 'small ones'. U can buy Life and Hero drinks, and they say no, one must be Star, so some people will prefer to pay cash and will be taxed heavily.
All in all, all the issues will be settled, so no worries.

let other igbos and other nairalanders contribute.



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