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Literary efforts in rescuing a nation in bondage

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With the removal of history as a subject from the Nigerian school curriculum, one can’t help but commend individuals in the creative industry who have through their works, helped in the preservation of events that have so far shaped the existence of the most populous black nation.

It’s been six turbulent decades for a country with all the endowments needed to transform into a global economic powerhouse, but which unfortunately has chosen rather remain worse than an invalid. The problems of Nigeria have been largely attributed to bad governance, a dominant theme in the works of artists who have been relentless in the struggle for a better country.

Nigeria’s history cannot be complete without narrating the Nigeria-Biafra war – that unfortunate and avoidable event that almost exterminated the people of Eastern Nigeria. The war broke out barely seven years after Nigeria’s independence. Unfortunately, successive rulers of the country have failed to deal with the very issues that led to the war, leaving the country comatose.

A good number of writers, through fiction and nonfiction works, have documented the events of that civil war, while postulating possible ways to solving the country’s teaming challenges.

Apart from the current bloodletting in the land as a result of the insurgency and the massive corruption among the political elite, clear evidence that Nigeria is a failed state is the agitation for self-determination springing up from different quarters. It’s on record that the demand for a sovereign state of Biafra led to the full-blown war in 1967. And it is quite ominous that for more than 50 years after, the Biafra agitation for an independent state of Biafra has resurfaced.

Journalist and activist, Chido Onumah’s book titled, “We Are All Biafrans: A participant-observer’s interventions in a country sleepwalking to disaster”, captures the series of agitations in Nigeria indicating a failed State.



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