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33-Year-Old Lady who Went Viral for Marrying Herself Set to do a Divorce

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Three months after model Chris Galera walked herself down the aisle to get married to herself, she is set to divorce herself
This is due to the fact that she has found someone special who made her start believing in love again
Galera revealed that she chose to marry herself after being disappointed by men more than enough times
It is hardly three months since 33-year-old Cris Galera made headlines after holding a wedding to get married to herself, and now she is about to divorce herself.

Her wedding was held in September this year as she sought to formalise the union between herself, and herself.

Daily Star reports that the Instagram model has now asked for a divorce from herself as she met someone else whom she hopes to get married to.

Tired of disappointments by men

At the time of her wedding , Galera said that she had made the uncommon decision because she was tired of being disappointed by men.
She added that she'd come to embrace the feeling of being alone and did not see anything wrong in not having a groom beside her on the wedding day.

After exchanging vows, Galera excitedly posed for pictures outside a Catholic church in Sao Paulo, Brazil clutching a bouquet of flowers.

She was donned in a long flowing white dress, beaded necklace, and conspicuous makeup accentuated by a chic half-up hairstyle and tattoos.

Wants to divorce herself

About 90 days later, it appears that Galera has had enough and can no longer stay in the marriage with herself.

The divorce has been informed by the fact that she recently met and is starting to fall in love with someone special.

"I started to believe in love the moment I met someone else special," she said, adding that she was happy while her "marriage" lasted.

When she was asked about her decision to wed herself in September, Galera explained that she reached a point in life where she matured and realised that she was a strong and determined woman.

She further added that, for a long time, she was always afraid of being alone but soon realised that she needed to learn to feel good about herself.

Story went viral

Galera disclosed that, as much as she enjoyed the wedding day and her story went viral, it came with unfriendly comments from members of the public who faulted her decision.

She, however, managed to hold her head up high by ignoring them and focusing on her life.

"I decided that I would no longer read the hate comments. People's opinion will not change what I think or add anything to it," she said.

Lady marries herself after breaking up with fiance

Meanwhile, previously reported that a lady had married herself after breaking up with her fiance.
Meg Taylor Morrison said "yes" to herself at a beautiful event attended by friends and family on Halloween 2020, which was always her dream wedding day.

The lady from Atlanta, Georgia US, broke up with her fiance in June 2020, but the two had already started plans for marriage.



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