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Israel: Real pictures of Noah's Ark hit online ( photo)

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I quote from the Bible (Genesis 6:12 - 22)

12. "God saw that the earth was corrupt because all the earth's people were corrupt.

13 Then God told Noah, "I'm going to stop all people and violence fills the land for their cause. I'm certainly going to kill both the earth and them.

14 Construct a cypress wood ark, make rooms, and pitch it in and out.

15 So you will create it: The ark is 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high.

16 Make a roof and construct the ark from the top to 18 inches. Put the door on the side of the Ark and build the bottom, center and top decks.

17 I am going to bring torrents of flood to earth to annihilate all life in the heavens, every thing that has the breath of life. Everything's going to die on earth.

18 But I will make my agreement with you, so that you will go into the ark with you and your sons and your wife and your children's wives.

19 You shall bring two of your living creatures into the ark, male and female, to keep them alive with you.

20 Two birds of all sorts, animals of all sorts, and creatures of all sorts that move about the earth come to you to keep it alive.

21 Eat all manner of food, and save it for yourselves and for them as food.

22 "Noah performed what God told him to do."

For almost a hundred years Noah still died his ark and is today's tourist attraction.

Below are some pictures of Noah's Ark, which appeared online during the years he resided in Israel.

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