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Killer Herdsmen: After Killing Where Do They Always Disappear To?

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Recently some murderous people suspected to be killer herdsmen invaded Igangan Community in Oyo State and killed people and burnt properties. After committing the atrocities they retreated, to where? No one knows. They simply vanished!

Where do the killers and kidnappers in Nigeria vanish to after perpetrating their heinous acts? It is a question easier to ask than to answer. From Kaduna, Benue, Katsina, Oyo, Anambra, etc., these criminals often leave behind scores of dead bodies and burning communities without anyone knowing who they are. They have different identities now: bandits, unknown gunmen, killer herdsmen, etc. They don't have proper names?

Are these killers ghosts, aliens or just imagined? Oftentimes, when security forces arrive after the atrocities had been committed and the surroundings combed - I have no idea if this is done thoroughly or not - no one has ever been captured or vital information or lead discovered. It is like nobody has traversed the surroundings, but there are dead and devastation as evidence to show killers visited. What really happens to the killers, where did they go or hide, where did they disappear to?

I suspect they disappear and hide not in the surrounding forests of victimized communities but the communities themselves or those nearby, blending in with the indigenous population and other citizens. I suspect they move around these communities carrying out recognizance and collecting intelligence without raising suspicion because they don't stand out or appear strange, they are known and trusted. Hence, after every successful operation, they return and blend it and let the people and security forces wonder and speculate about ghosts and unknown gunmen.

The security situation in Nigeria is not effective enough especially intelligence gathering - the criminals seem to be better at this. To successfully evade detection or capture for years means they have understood the nation's security forces. These killers, herdsmen or bandits or whatever, they are people like us, flesh and blood. They don't disappear into thin air; they run and they hide. All that heed to be done is to systematically search for them. Not only in forests and hills and caves but in the communities, towns, and cities. They blend in with the general population making it hard to be traced and captured, but not impossible.

Nigeria must step up in its fight against insecurity and beef up its intelligence gathering and investigation prowess. We are not dealing with phantoms but with rogue humans. They must be exposed and captured or else, more innocent souls would just be fattening themselves for these killers to butcher.



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