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TB Joshua, Idahosa, and two other great pastors that died before 60th birthday

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The holy book says, "there is a time to be born and a time to die." History has confirmed the aforementioned statement as one of the unavoidable laws of humanity; men are born and men die. However, humanity seems to have been cheated several times, when certain great men who were great pillars to mankind, die rather too early.

Recently, the International Christian community received the shocking news of the passing on of one of the greatest church Generals of the Twenty-First century, Prophet Timetope Balogun Joshua, popularly known as TB Joshua. The pain is not just because he died but because he left too early.

As the Church continues to mourn in the flesh yet lifted in the spirit, we should take solace in the fact that TB Joshua is not the only great Gospel General that left this world before his 60th birthday. This epistle is a tribute to four great men of God, born in Nigeria, that left this world before the age of 60 years.

These men were created in heaven, delivered in Nigeria, and sent to the world. They believed in the greatness of God's power and God used them to do great things. They didn't just utter the spiritual structures of many lives they also left great religious landmarks for posterity. But as the saying goes, "good people don't last", none of these great vessels lived long enough to celebrate their 60th birthday.

Joseph Ayo Babalola

There is no way the history of Christianity in Nigeria would be written without mentioning the name, "Ayo Babalola", a man respected as one of the pioneers of apostolic revival in Nigeria. This man was used by God in several powerful ways, yet he left this world at the tender age of 55 years. Ayo Babalola was born on 25 April 1904 and he died on 26 July 1959.

Moses Orimolade Tunolase

The year 1879 experienced the birth of a mysterious child whose destiny would later utter the structure of Christianity in Nigeria, his name was, Moses Orimolade Tunolase. As a child, Orimolade could not walk with his legs until he was 5 years old.

After having a personal encounter with God at the age of 12 years, Orimolade grew up to become a great vessel in the hand of God. His evangelical ministry which was characterized by many miracles eventually gave birth to the first African Initiated Church, The Cherubim and Seraphin Church. Moses Orimolade died in Lagos on October 19, 1933, at the age of 54 years.

Benson Andrew Idahosa

If it could be said that men can carry fire in their bones then we can fairly say that Benson Idahosa was a man who carried the burning fire of God in his bones. He is a man known for his audacious faith and authority, who was used by God to do many great and mighty things in Nigeria and the world at large. Idahosa is still being regarded as the father of Pentecostalism in Nigeria. Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa (born 11 September 1938) did not live to see his 60th birthday, he died on 12 March 1998, just six months to his 60th birthday.

Temitope Balogun Joshua

June 12 1963 was the day the news broke of the birth of a male child whose future would later demand attention from across the globe. Prophet TB Joshua was a unique man of God, distinguished from several others in many ways. He was simple yet heavily anointed. He was rich but never allowed wealth to get into his head and he didn't also had enough time to reply to his critics.

Temitiope Balogun Joshua came to this world in June and also left in June. The news of his death on Saturday 5th of June 2021 is still fresh in the heart of many.

Though these great men departed this earth too soon, their impacts on humanity have continued to linger unabated. Please celebrate these great Generals with a word of tribute.

Dates and other crucial issues verified from Wikipedia



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