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10 ways to identify a girl has feelings for you

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There are several ways to detect when a lady has feelings for you, if you already have that special girl in your life, here are clear signs to know that she is into you but, she maybe too shy to let her feelings known yet.

1. She enjoys talking to you.

2. She is always seen smiling at you.

3. She easily gets jealous when she sees you flirting with other girls.

4. She sometimes hugs you for no reason.

5. She finds slight opportunities to get close and touch you.

6. She suddenly develop interest in the things you are interested in.

7. She becomes shy around you.

8. She gives you compliments when she notice anything she likes in you.

9. She frequently text you and replies messages on time.

10. She opens up to you about her personal life.

With these aforementioned, I hope you find that girl. Kindly hit the like button and follow. Thank you.



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