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A woman likes you if she shows you these 8 signs

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One of the many challenges a man faces when wooing a woman is knowing whether she's interested or not. Women hardly approach men because people feel it is against the norm. What then happens when a woman likes a man but she doesn't want to say it?

Most times, a woman will always reveal her interest in you with her body language. She might not say anything but her body language will show you whether she likes you or not.

Below are eight signs a woman shows when she is interested in you.

1. She breaks the touch barrier

Physical touch is a great way to gauge another person's interest.

Early on in a relationship it may feel like there's an invisible wall between you and the woman. This is called the touch barrier. It's always nerve-wracking to break the touch barrier with someone you like. You don't know what they're expecting.

But if a girl really likes you she may break the touch barrier right from the beginning. Small bits of physical contact like a hug, a high five, or a punch on the arm can shatter the touch barrier to pieces.

 2. prolonged eye contact

Eye contact is one of the most telling pieces of body language. It shows emotions like attraction, disinterest, nervousness and dozens more but you have to know what to look for if a girl finds you interesting or attractive.

She might make eye contact with you. Your eyes might meet every once in a while but when a woman is in love, she makes a different kind of eye contact. when your eyes meet she doesn't look away. She doesn't get nervous and turn her head the other direction, instead she stares into your eyes and you stare right back.

4. Time flies when you and the woman are together

Does time fly when you're together? Imagine you're on a date with a girl that you really like and you think will only spend one hour with her but by when you glance at you watch, you have spent 5 hours and it seems like an hour.

Neither of you notice the hours are flying by because you're both enjoying each other's company.

5. She takes initiative

Traditionally, guys make the first move. He asks her on a date, he leans in for the first kiss but when a girl really likes you she won't be afraid to take the initiative. She'll make physical contact with you, she'll make plans with you, she'll put herself out there because she wants to make sure her feelings are getting across.

3. She tells you her embarrassing secrets

Is she vulnerable around you? does she tell you about her dorky hobbies? If a girl tells you her embarrassing secrets, then you're doing something right. She's only vulnerable because she's comfortable around you.

Vulnerability shows trust, closeness and personal investment. So, even if her secrets are funny or dumb, she's only telling you those secrets because she cares about you.

 6. She doesn't hesitate

Imagine there's a girl you like, you build up the courage to ask her if she's busy this weekend for you to take her out and she immediately tells you she's free. She responded so quickly that you're kind of caught off guard. so what does it mean when a girl responds right away?

when a girl is unsure about her feelings, she may hesitate but if a girl really likes you she'll jump at the opportunity. She has probably been waiting for you to ask her and now that you have, she's excited to spend time with you.

 7. Intimate proximity

Alright, let's say you're getting dinner with a group of friends, you all sit down at the table and she sits right next to you. Later that night, you sit down to watch a movie and you take a seat on the couch and once again she sits right at your side.

Is she trying to send you a message? Proximity is one way we differentiate who we like from who we don't. If a girl sits or stands closer to you, then, she considers you an important person in her life.

 8. Telling her friends about you

If she's excited about you, her friends have heard every tiny detail.

 Many girls are afraid of jumping the gun. They don't want to make themselves too vulnerable. They wait for you to express your feelings before they express their own but her friends know the whole story.

So, take notice if she's told her friends about you. She might say, "oh, my friend was asking about you or i was telling my friend about our date the other day." This shows she likes you.

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