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What Happens If After Majority Of The Igbos Choose To Remain With one Nigeria.

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The topic of discussion is one big question that no one seems to be answering. The clamour for the independent State of Biafra is getting louder by the day. The present chaos in the land is even worsening issues. The agitators are aware that this is the best time to break away from Nigeria. However, creating a new country is not one man's decision. As a result, the Nigerian government would open the floor for all igbos to decide what they really want. This is what we refer to as a "Referendum".

According to research, the population of the igbos is estimated to be around 42 Million. While the people we see protesting on the streets are not even close to this figure. What confidence do we have that the ones not protesting would eventually vote for Biafra exit?

You would agree with me that the igbos have more investments in other states than they have in their own states. So when is time to vote, how are we sure they would not put their businesses first before freedom?

If the Referendum is lost, what would be the implications to the Igbos and other Nigerians? That is what this article is asking. Would this result in another fresh episode of marginalization of the Southeast region? Would the Southeast ever be supported for the presidency? These are big questions.

One thing is sure, the agitators would never agree that they lost the Referendum. The struggle would continue. They would blame the transparency of the whole process. I don't think the Igbos would accept defeat if the referendum is conducted.

I am pleading with the Federal government to ensure things are done differently this time. If the Igbos choose to stay, it means that they believe Nigeria can be rebuilt. Let us start from scratch and rebuild our country. It is imperative for us to revisit the Foundation of this country. Let it be something we mould with our hands and not something that was handed to us by some persons outside Nigeria.

Finally, those who led the whole Referendum thing should be honoured and respected. This is the only way we can attain eternal peace. A strong Nigeria can emerge from all of these. If possible, a selfless leader like Nnamdi Kanu should be allowed to lead Nigeria.



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