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Yomi Fabiyi Replies Iyabo Ojo, Reveals What He Was Told When Visited Baba Ijesh

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The Nollywood actor and movie director, Yomi Fabiyi, has replied Iyabo Ojo over the arguments surrounding the rape case with Baba Ijesha.

Yomi Fabiyi in a TV interview stated that nobody is God, and no one can play God in his life. He then called out the fellow actress, Iyabo Ojo, that even if she has seen the CCTV video of Baba Ijesha and the girl he was accused of raping, she needs to give her colleagues the privilege that they might not have seen it.

Yomi said he asked Baba Ijesha when he went to check on him at the Police custody that, "sir, I heard so and so about you, is it true?" and he said Baba Ijesha replied, yes."

Yomi said he then asked Baba Ijesha, "sir, did you rape this girl 7 years ago?" and he said Baba Ijesha said no. Yomi said he further pressed him to confess to him if he did, but Baba Ijesha insisted he never did.

Yomi said he then brought up the issue of CCTV camera before Baba Ijesha that he read from the Police report that he confessed to raping the girl in question and there's a CCTV footage.

But, Yomi said the Police officer in present interrupted him immediately telling him, "Mr. Yomi, I respect you alot, Police never said the CCTV footage was an evidence of rape."

Yomi said the police further explained that Baba Ijesha was caught with the lady in question in the living room, and when the footage was shown to him that you were doing this to the lady, you were holding her here, Baba Ijesha confessed to it and apologized.

Yomi said the police then told him that whether his actions there amount to crime, he could not tell because they were going to charge him to court.

Yomi said he then asked if he could see the CCTV footage. "Even though, I cannot tell if a crime was committed, but I can still look if a crime was actually committed." Yomi said. And, he informed that the police turned him down saying he could not see the footages.

Yomi said he then turned to Baba Ijesha that they told him he couldn't see the video now, but he would be very disappointed if it turned out that he truly committed the crime.

Yomi said Baba Ijesha then told him to wait until he sees the video. "I don't even have a lawyer. There are some things that I'm scared to say before these guys, because if I say it wrongly I may get myself in trouble, and I don't want to mess up myself." Yomi said Baba Ijesha told him.

He further disclosed that Baba Ijesha informed him that only the governor of TAMPAN in Lagos State, and one lady have come to see him over his stay in Police station. Yomi said it was at that point that he told Baba Ijesha that he should call his people that he deserves a fair hearing.

Yomi stated that he couldn't get a clear description of what happened in the CCTV footage from Baba Ijesha because he couldn't detail his movement in that house, not until the foster mother of the girl, Princess Comedian, made him get to understand some things in her explanations.

"Thank God I didn't jump into judgment, because the picture they were selling to me was that of him having sex with the girl, and I know that's what alot of people were expecting, and that's why they all want me to just condemn him, but that's not the case." Yomi said.

Meanwhile, Yomi said he reminded his colleagues about Baba Suwe who was a victim of similar situation where people were mongering the rumour of him excreting cocaine back then, while it was all fake.

Yomi said all he called for in the case of Baba Ijesha was a fair hearing, and that is a reasonable thing for anyone in similar situation.



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