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Historic Ile Ife artefact returned to Nigeria after being stolen years ago

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Finally, Mexico returns the stolen Ile Ife artifact to the Nigerian government after decades of theft.

Nigeria finally got hold of the stolen Ile-Ife Ori Olokun artifact

- The statue was given to the Nigerian government by the Mexican government

- According to FG, efforts to secure Nigeria's porous borders have been stepped up to prevent further theft of historical artifacts from Nigeria.

The historic Ile Ife artifact, which was stolen years ago, has been returned to Nigeria from Mexico.

The artifact was received on Thursday 8 April by the Nigerian government represented by Foreign Minister Jeffrey Onieama.

The Nigerian government receives stolen Ile Ife artifacts.

Yakubu Dadu, Chargé d'Affaires for the Nigerian Mission in Mexico, hands over the Ile Ife artifact to the minister in Abuja.

The Foreign Minister congratulated the Mexican government and thanked the Nigerian mission in the country for their hard work.

Onyeama said the federal government is more focused on capturing a number of historical artifacts stolen by the invaders more than 100 years ago.

He also said the Nigerian government would secure the country's borders to prevent future theft, said The Nation.

There are many actions to stop the theft of artifacts. There is an agreement between countries.

Recently there was the ministerial director of the ECOWAS Cultural Director, represented by the ECOWAS countries, to restore some of our properties from any land found.

If you find it in Nigeria, Ivory Coast, bring it and if you find it here we will return it," said Gimba Mohamed, acting director general of Time's National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM).

Also the University of Aberdeen had revealed plans to return the Benin Bronze, a historic artifact stolen from Nigeria by colonial imperialists.

The disclosure was made on Thursday March 25 by Neil Curtis, head of museums and special collections in Aberdeen, who said the bronze representing Oba, or ruler of the Kingdom of Benin, had been openly plundered.

Thousands of works of art, sculptures, metal castings and historical artifacts were removed from the ancient Kingdom of Benin by British soldiers in 1897.



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