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What Do You Suggest...

What Do You Suggest To Be The Best Remedy To Nigeria's Challenges  

Mike Nifemi
Member Admin

To provide petroleum, this suggestion has been raised

Petroleum is One of Nigeria's God-given Excess Resources. Her Citizens need not, in any way be Denied their Rights to having this Product Available Nation-Wide. Petroleum does not need to be part of Nigeria's Black-Market Items. For Nigeria's Oil Wealth Alone, is Sufficient Enough to Feed the Whole of Africa if it is Properly Managed. At least, Nigeria's Government really needed to do more to ensure a Ceaseless Supplies of Petrol to Her Own People.

There are Oil Producing Countries that Privatized almost every Resources they have, with the exception of their Petroleum. There are some that Subsidized or Stabilized their Home Oil Prices. There are some that honestly Created lots of Employment Opportunities there for Millions of Her Citizens. And there are others that can never ever Export even a single Barrel of their Oil, until they are 100% Sure that they have kept more than enough Reserves for their own Home use. Why is Nigeria's Case different?

As one of the World's highest Oil Producers and Exporters, Why is Nigeria's Petrol always unavailable there at Home for Nigerians? Why is Nigeria currently Importing Petrol? Why should a Liter of Petrol sell very much Cheaper within Nigeria's Non-Oil-Producing Neighbors? Why do Nigeria's Government always increase the home Price of Petrol?

In short, the Issue of Nigerians' frequent sufferings of Fuel Scarcity is really a matter of very Great Concerns to Her Masses. For it generally Increases the Costs and Prices of everything there in the Country. It is also an addition to Her Peoples' Unjust Sufferings and Hardships and all. So, to Permanently make Petroleum available, will equally Solve over 60% of Nigerians' Real Problems.


What is you outlined remedy plan for your country?

Posted : 11/07/2019 5:35 pm

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