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Housewife Chains Husband Inside House Like An Animal

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A 67-year old man, Aliu Kareem, has narrated before the Igando Customary Court in Lagos his bitter experience with his wife, Khadijat, who allegedly subjected him to inhuman treatment by chaining him inside house like a family animal.
PM Express reports that the incident happened at their residence in No. 7, Steven Igbasan Streetoff Egan Isuti Road, Lagos, where they dwell.
The embittered Kareem told the Court that his wife, Khadijat, started misbehaving in the point he retired having invested all his money with her in company.
The petitioner said, “When I was working, she was taking good care of me.

Instantly I retired, she no longer cared for me on one occasion, she instigated among our kids to beat me up because of petrol. Before I retired, three stores for her had opened. All the money I invested in the business is her own. I spent all I had on her and her children. But today, I’m suffering”.
“She comes in and goes out anytime she likes. There was a day she wished to take the vehicle out and I told her not to; she instead went out to buy a chain and locked me inside the house.”
“I do not love her anymore. We haven’t been sleeping together. I want the Court to dissolve our marriage and I want the Court to order her to give me my landed possessions and the N300,000 I spent in her company” he said.
Khadijat denied most of Kareem’s allegations, saying, “I always return early. It was 1 day that I locked him in. I’ve not instigated the kids to disrespect him. I did not collect any money from him and the shop receipt was in my name, he only added more to my capital”.
The Court President, Barrister Koledoye Festus Adeniyi, dissolved the union and ordered the respondent to return all of the petitioner’s documents .

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