Call me beggar and I will arrested you”- A Physically challenged man says

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a A physically challenged Abdullahi Sule who hails from Adamawa state, man isn’t the typical challenged type you see in Lagos everyday. When he was five years old sule who lost his legs, sells conductive stuff and has refused to allow his life is defined by his condition.

Sule Abdullahi on the roadside in Ikeja. Photo credit: LegitNG

Unlike many who use their shortcomings as an avenue Sule has refused that even and part admits he despises.

Sule added that for begging his bitterness  and that calling him a beger can get you arrested.

He said such persons will be reported by him as the name calling is an infringement of his right. He went on to guidance all persons from the society urging them be successful and to do more while at it.

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