Welcome to Jankara Market In Lagos Island Where Traders And Residents Wear Rain Boots To Work

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This is Jankara Shopping area in Idumagbo, Lagos Island.

Jankara is an urban area in Lagos Island, it has close boundaries with popular Lagos markets like Oluwole, Balogun, Adeniji Adele,  Jankara host many business ventures, for example, those selling mobile phone accessories have a shop in this place popularly called Plaza, also

Its being 2 years since the drainage of Jankara have refused to flow and after series of uproar to the state government, the local government and all those in the helms of affairs, nothing has been done to this menace. The traders have resorted to fate as they all have rain boots, on a normal day, when it’s not raining and everywhere is dry, Jankara is a beach on its own.

As good as this place might look on paper and on describeion ealier, people living and doing business here may likely be battleing with skin infection diseases if they were to be examined properly especially the students who use this road daily.

are surprised that despite being a sunny afternoon, the water in this place have refused to go away, in fact, the drainages were blocked right from the main road to the inner corners of the street up to Adenji area where they sell electrical and lighting items.

, God will touch their hearts and remember us at Jankara Markets.

The following are the main cause of flood

1. The main drainage was blocked and can’t flow: There.

2. The traders sell on the gutter:

3. Most buildings were constructed on drainages which is one of the causes of this flood.

We hope the Lagos State Government can come and access this place and find ways to help the traders and residents of this area.

These are some of the photos we can capture, we can’t capture much as the water was itchy to the skin.

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