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I Use My Skits To Enlighten People- Lord Lamb

Esther Titilayo

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With over 364,000 followers on Instagram and over thousands of other dedicated followers on his a Youtube channel, it is an understatement to say that Lord Lamba is a popular comedian.

He has become a phenomenon in the comedy world with his videos going viral every other day. Yet his speciality is merely skits that expose lies of men, hence his name “Lord Lamba” which means “Lord of Lies.”

While he is versatile where comedy is concerned, he is at his best when he is telling lies. He said: “My first video in which I lied that I was in New York and a friend found me out attracted so many views. But when I did different types of skits, I noticed they didn’t get much audience. Then people started to call my attention to the fact that my skits were straying from my nickname. They told me my skits should be based on lies since my nickname is ‘Lord Lamba’ meaning ‘Lord of lies.’

He is quick, however, to point out that his skits do not reflect his true personality. “I wouldn’t say the skits reflect my personality but I have told some of the lies that that were featured in my skits. I do skits that are based on lies that people tell. I simply put myself into the character,” he said.

Distinguishing his real self from his alter ego, Lord Lamba said: “I came up with the ‘lamba’ skit so as to stand out and be unique. I decided to create a character that people could relate with. Those who know me can testify that I am not anything like Lord Lamba: I don’t drink alcohol, smoke or do drugs, even though I look and act those characters.”

Despite his skits being lesson-laden, he shies away from being labelled a motivational speaker. “When people watch my skits, they laugh but the objective of my skits is actually to pass messages that people can learn from. I basically shed light on the lies that people tell in their day-to-day interactions. In that sense, I am teaching lessons through comedy,” he affirmed.

In the fiercely competitive comedy world, he doesn’t need any formal approval to know how his performance is being rated. His recent experience at the airport, he recalled, gave him an indication he is not doing badly. “Some people saw me and were greeting me, telling me how much they loved my skits. One man among them said I had been revealing the lies of men and his wife was getting to know about it. They were all happy, and that made me happy too.”

He explained why his skits are often about the lies men tell their loved ones: “People lie to their partners because they know they would be believed, exploiting the love they have for them. That is a bad thing. That is why I use my skits to enlighten people about these lies, so anyone who is wise enough wouldn’t just laugh but pick lessons from them.”



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