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Please HELP, My Boss Slashed My Salary Unjustly

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I'm sorry for bothering you all but please hear me out.

I'm posting this on behalf of my uncle.

I was working in a company, and was being paid 40,000 a month not including other allowances. A new company called me to work with them as an Officiator and we negotiated a salary of 60,000.

Both companies produce the same products.

They agreed to pay and I resigned from the other company. I started my new job in Oct. last year and was paid all through Oct., Nov. and Dec.

Earlier this year, January precisely, I had a little issue with my boss. The misunderstanding was that I complained to him that the chemicals we use during productions was adversely affecting me. In the previous company where I worked, I didn't work during the production of the products as I was allergic to the chemicals used.

On a working day, during the time for production, he asked me to join in the production but I politely reminded him about my allergies to the chemicals being used. He commanded me while shouting that I should go back and work. I normally have heart burns, dizziness and severe migraines when I'm exposed to these chemicals.
I left during production as the chemical adversely affected me.

The next day, he came and asked if I had finished the work he commanded me to do the previous day. I apologised to him that I didn't because of the chemicals rxns which he knew about. He didn't say anything but from his body language, I thought everything was alright.

I returned the following day, only to receive a 2-week suspension notice. I was surprised and asked about my offense which the General manager told me, the boss was really pissed and so mad at me which I also explained to the GM and he was really surprised as I did no wrong. Nonetheless, he advised I serve my suspension sentence.

After suspension, I was given a review of my salary and my salary was slashed by 20,000 to 40,000 because of the issue...

I was really confused and bewildered because out of the revised 40,000 I receive per month, the company takes 15,000 out of it for my rent loan...

I've been apologising while also pleading with my boss to reconsider his decision as I'm a family man and 25,000 realistically, will not be sufficient for I and my family. He hasn't yet changed his stance.

I'm so confused, please I need your opinions, suggestions and help whatsoever..

I'm sorry for bothering you.. Thanks

Please help me out please... My uncle is really down at the moment...




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